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Want to Donate?

Your additional donations help us to meet and further our goals enhancing the appreciation of jazz through live performances and education right here in Lawton. You may send your check to the address below or contribute on line by clicking the donate button at the top right hand corner

What does the West Coast  Jazz Society do with my Donation?

Your donations go towards the four FREE concerts we will be providing each year at different venues throughout Lawton and the surrounding areas - the 2nd Tuesday of the month - January through March. Donations go towards location rental fees, insurance, equipment rental, sound, trash pickup, cleanup, programs, mailings, and of course the Musicians!

What other activities does the West Coast  Jazz Society support?

Each year we will sponsor two youth to attend a Jazz Camp. 

Paying professional musicians that will be teaching at our Workshops.

Do you have any paid positions on the WCJS Board/Group?

The West Coast  Jazz Society is made up of volunteers. None of the volunteers nor the board members receive any pay for their work. All work is done because we want to promote two of America's original art forms - Jazz and Blues right here in Yuma, as well as its local musicians...both young and old!  And above all, enhance the Lawton Community with the best in Jazz and Blues events.

How can I help the West Coast  Jazz Society?

You can help by donating some of your free time, attending our events, volunteering to help with emails, online calendars, publicity, and set up and cleanup of the venues, attending meetings to share your ideas, and best of all, by becoming a member . Contact Richard at 580-291-3377 if you are interested.

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West Coast Jazz Society Inc.
Bringing great  Jazz to the West  &  East of the World...and all points in between

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